The Lawrence Air Team

Shad & Cheryl Turner

Owners Shad and Cheryl Turner have been creating jobs as business owners in the Willamette Valley for more than 16 years, with a sense of loyalty to our veterans, with approximately one third of their employees having served our country. Both come from farming and ranching families, which is where they've developed their strong work ethics and team approach to achieving success.

Greg Bingham

Greg Bingham, who has been at the Eugene Airport since 1998, worked part time at Lawrence Air Service while attending the University of Oregon and was promoted to General Manager upon his graduation. He firmly believes in fostering an environment in which guests enjoy high levels of customer service and employees are motivated to deliver their best performance.

William Stewart

- 1987 Lane Community College Aviation Maintenance Technology graduate

- 9 years of aviation maintenance performed at the Eugene Airport

- 5 years maintenance manager for FBO Flightcraft

Frank Szczepanski

- Frank has been keeping commercial and GA aircraft safely in the air at KEUG for more than 35 years.

- 1974 Northrop Institute of Technology (Englewood, CA) Graduate

- Worked at Alaska Helicopters for 5 years

- Came to Eugene Aircraft Maintenance in 1979 and worked through acquisition by FBO Flightcraft in 1989

Curt Alexenco

- 1994 Lane Community College Aviation Maintenance Technology graduate.

- General Aviation maintenance in Roseburg

- 12 years with Horizon Air performing line maintenance and heavy check maintenance

Jay Hinrichs

- 1991 Lane Community College Aviation Maintenance Technology graduate

- Metroliner Maintenance Mechanic

- 7 year line service supervisor for FBO Flightcraft

- ETOPS Certified

Bob Siewell

Bob Siewell, our lead ramp worker and GSE mechanic, has been working for Lawrence Air Service since it was founded in 1994. Previously working for AMR at the Eugene Airport. He is a retired United States Air Force veteran where he worked as a crew chief on the C-5 aircraft for more than 20 years. A very seasoned employee whose expertise on the logistics of ground handling charter aircraft has earned him a top-notch reputation amongst airlines across the nation.

Stephanie Bliss

- Obtained her FAA Mechanics Certificate in 1994 at Cheyenne Aerotech

- Obtained her FAA Inspection Authorization in 2006

- 20+ years in Aviation Maintenance focusing on general aviation, corporate aviation and rotorcraft

- Scholarship recipient (WAI) for Learjet 45/45XR, Citation V and PWC small engines

- Part 135 Director of Maintenance